At Timberline Ridge Home Inspections we believe in giving back to the community.


We believe that we have a responsibility and duty to give back to the community. Our home state of Colorado has been suffering from vast deforestation from forest fires, and the devastating pine beetle. For every home inspection, we donate a portion of the proceeds to the non-profit organization One Tree Planted to have trees planted right here in Colorado! We will also donate $5 to the American Cancer Society for every radon test we perform!

Colorado deforestation
Colorado reforestation

Since we began this endeavor of giving back to the community in 2018, we have donated hundreds of dollars to One Tree Planted! These donations to OTP are made in your name, and you will receive a certificate with the number of trees you helped plant in Colorado! Use our Instant Quote Calculator to see how many trees you can help plant in Colorado by using Timberline Ridge Home Inspections!

If you're feeling extra, you can make an additional donation to One Tree Planted. Thanks for being awesome!

For every radon test we ​perform, we will donate $5 to the American Cancer Society to help fund cancer research! Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers, and smokers are at even greater risk of lung cancer from radon. Donations to the ACS will be gifted to you, and you will receive an email about this donation several days after the radon test starts.

Additional donation can be made to the American Cancer Society.